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If you’re a private landlord and would like to list your rental property on, Rent Street can assist with this. Your property will appear in the same way as any other agent rental property will appear, and you’ll be able to market to a large audience of prospective tenants. Enquiries will come straight to you, and you will be able to communicate and respond to enquiries yourself.

Here are the steps required to create a rental property advertisement for

1. Enter The Property Address

When creating your listing, you’ll need to first add your property address. You must enter the address fully and as per a recent rates notice. It’s not possible to list in an incorrect suburb simply because this may generate more views.

When you have entered the full address, you can select whether or not you would like the full address displayed, or whether you would like this hidden. If you choose to hide your full address, this will not be displayed on your listing. Instead, it will simply display “Suburb, Address Available on Request”.

2. Enter A Title And Description

The title of your listing will be seen in the list of search results when a user has performed a search for properties in your area. This is a good opportunity to try and make your listing stand out from others with a catchy title. There’s no right or wrong for this and different things may work well depending on the area and what sort of property you are wanting to rent out.

In the description field, you can add whatever information you feel is relevant to either your property or conditions of the lease. If you are not running regular opens, you may want to also let people know that they will be able to inspect by appointment.

3. Set The Rental Amount and Bond Amount

Once you have decided on a rental amount, you can enter this into the system as a weekly or monthly amount. For residential rentals, a weekly rent amount is most common. If you need help in determining what the weekly rent amount should be, Rent Street can provide you with a rental appraisal report at no extra cost.

When setting the bond amount, you will want to check consumer affairs in your state to ensure that you are permitted to ask for that bond amount. For example, in some states setting a bond amount in excess of 4 weeks’ rent is not permitted. uses the price set as one of its search criteria, and so you can set this so that your property will only be shown to people who are looking in this price range.

4. Add Details Of The Property

There are a number of mandatory and optional fields that you will need to complete. This includes the property type (eg. house, townhouse, unit, or apartment), number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces.

Further optional fields are the year built, and tickbox features of your property such as airconditioning, close to parks, security features etc.

5. Set Open Times has a specific field for open times, and these can be saved into user’s calendars. In your account, you will be able to set any specific open times you may be conducting. The system is self-explanatory; you simply select the dates and times your property will be open to the general public for open house viewings.

There is no requirement to set specific open times. Instead, you may select to simply run inspections by appointment.

6. Upload Photos And Other Media Files

You are able to upload up to 35 photos, 2-floor plans, and interactive tour, and a video to your listing on In most cases for a rental property this is more than needed and in many cases, a dozen or so photos will suffice.

You can change the order in which your photos appear by simply dragging and dropping photos to a different order. The first photo to appear in your account will always be the main image, and all photos thereafter will appear in the same order as you have set them in your account.

7. Change Property Status

If for any reason you decide to remove your property from or once you have found a suitable tenant and have leased the property to them, it’s important that you then change the status to either withdrawn or leased. This will then remove the listing from and any other website to which we have published it. It typically takes about ten minutes or so for it to disappear from all sites.

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