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Rent Street is a private rental site in Australia that assists landlords to advertise their rental properties and find tenants, without using real estate agents. There is no legal requirement to use an agent, and more Australians are now choosing to do so themselves. This can mean significant savings in advertising costs, as well as a more direct and streamlined advertising campaign.

Rent Street offers three main services to private landlords; the ability to list on prominent and popular rental websites in Australia, the provision of ‘For Rent’ boards, and the ability for landlords to be able to run tenancy checks on prospective tenants.

1. Private Rental Advertising on and

A listing on each of these rental sites is the single most important thing you need in terms of reaching a large audience of tenants looking for properties throughout Australia. For you need to be a real estate agent, and for the costs can be prohibitive.

By advertising your property on Rent Street, you’ll be able to advertise on both sites without needing to hold your own account, and without the additional costs associated with paying individual sites on a monthly basis.

2. 'For Rent' Boards

Whilst the vast majority of enquiries come from online sources, it’s always a good idea to display a ‘For Rent’ sign outside the property, where possible. Many times people know others who are wanting to move into the area, and a board can lead to some good additional exposure for your property.

The ‘For Rent’ boards are made from corflute, and are 550 x 850. Corflute is a hard, durable, but light type of plastic which works well in all types of weather.

3. National Tenancy Checks

Before most services were available to private landlords, a good reason to use an agent was that they had access to the National Tenancy Database (NTD). This is now no longer applicable. Rent Street allows you to run NTD checks on any tenants you would like to check.

As long as the tenant is aware that you would like to check them in the NTD and consents to this, you’ll be able to check the status of your prospective tenants to see whether they are currently blacklisted in the NTD.

Rent Street

Rent Street